Congratulations on accepting your offer at Deakin!

Your tailored Orientation Itinerary outlines all academic and study support workshops/sessions and social activities relevant to you during Orientation Week which commences on Monday 3 July.

Build your Itinerary
To build your Orientation Itinerary you simply select your campus, faculty, student type and course from the fields below, then click 'find'.

International students
Join us at the International Student Welcome starting Monday 3 July at your campus. You will find these events listed in your Orientation Itinerary.

Orientation Week
O'Week is filled with study sessions, workshops and activities to help you get used to campus life. Don't forget that activities also continue beyond O'Week.

Cloud students
To access your Cloud Student Orientation Program select Cloud Campus, faculty, student type and 'All Cloud Students' in the course offerings.

Cloud students are invited to attend any campus based Orientation session. Use the instructions above to access a campus close to you.

You can also add you orientation program to your calendar in DeakinSync. Go to Settings> Calendar Settings and select 'Orientation Week'.

Please note: Remember to check your Orientation Itinerary again just before orientation commences as Orientation events and information may change.

For information or assistance, email