The table below shows the current works across all Deakin campuses. Please click on the relevant headline for more information about each project, including contact details of the project manager in case you have any concerns.

For information about major projects, please visit our IPG web page.

Posted Campus Description Start Finish
20/04/2021Waurn PondsPower shutdown - Buildings DA, JB, IA, IB20/04/202126/04/2021
Waurn Ponds
Water Fountain Installation - Waurn Ponds and Waterfront Campus09/04/202131/05/2021
26/03/2021BurwoodEmergency Lighting System Upgrades - Buildings HB, HC, HD and HE26/03/202101/06/2021
10/03/2021Waurn PondsBuilding DD - Stormwater Rectification Works 10/03/202130/06/2021
24/02/2021Waurn PondsAnam Cara Construction 24/02/202131/03/2022
22/02/2021Waurn PondsEpworth Place Roadway Extension 22/02/202101/10/2021
Waurn Ponds
All Buildings - Next Generation Security System (NGSS)01/09/202031/12/2021

Power shutdown - Buildings DA, JB, IA, IB - Waurn Ponds

Starts 20/04/2021, finishes 26/04/2021

The power will be temporarily shutdown to Buildings DA, JB, IA, IB on Sunday 25 April from 8am to 12pm as part of essential maintenance works. 

During this time there will be no power to these buildings, it is recommended to turn off necessary equipment to avoid data loss.

Entry to these buildings will not be permitted for safety reasons.

Further information

Shane Emond
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 5227 2062

Water Fountain Installation - Waurn Ponds and Waterfront Campus - Waterfront/Waurn Ponds

Starts 09/04/2021, finishes 31/05/2021

Works are commencing to upgrade existing and install new water stations at both the Waurn Ponds and Waterfront campuses. Implementation will occur in two phases, as listed below:

Waurn Ponds Campus
Monday 12 April to Monday 24 May

  • Building KC - Entry area
  • Building JB &ndash Union Green and seating areas closest to BBQ
  • Building JB, Level 1
  • Building JB, Level 2 - Entry
  • Building KE, Level 2 &ndash North East
  • Building KE, Level 1 &ndash South
  • Building DD &ndash Rear deck
  • Building KA, Level 3 &ndash Balcony

Waterfront Campus
Monday 3 May to Friday 28 May

  • Building D, Security Booth
  • Building D, Level 3 &ndash Entry
  • Building D - Café passage

To complete these upgrades there will be some construction noise including power tools, beeping of machinery and concrete cutting. High impact works like concrete cutting will be scheduled out of hours to minimise disruptions.

Further information

David Barber
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 9246 8199

Emergency Lighting System Upgrades - Buildings HB, HC, HD and HE - Burwood

Starts 26/03/2021, finishes 01/06/2021

Upgrades will be undertaken to the Emergency Lighting Systems in Buildings HB, HC, HD and HE at the Burwood campus from Monday 5 April to Monday 31 May.

To complete these works, some areas will be temporarily closed off, there will also the use of ladders, elevated work platforms, periodic use of drills, hammers and construction workers moving throughout the area.

There will be some minor disruptions to supply, however advance noticed will be issued to those that may be impacted.

Further information 

Alex D&rsquoAloia
Infrastructure and Property Group
03 9246 8101

Andrea Drake
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 924 46998

Building DD - Stormwater Rectification Works - Waurn Ponds

Starts 10/03/2021, finishes 30/06/2021

Stormwater rectification and replacement works surrounding Building DD, Waurn Ponds Campus, will be commencing Monday 15 March. 2021 and is due for completion mid-June, 2021.

During this time:

  • There will be a large work zone at the northern (Nicol Drive North) end of the building, which will be enclosed with temporary fencing, please see below site overview. This will result in multiple pedestrian detours, however access to the main northern and southern ends of Building DD will remain open. Appropriate detour signage will be in place to assist in navigating the area.  
  • Excavators and other machinery will be operating in the area, along with tradespeople moving through the work zone.
  • Intermittent noise impacts will be noticeable, this will include safety beeping and general construction noises such as banging and drilling.
  • Two accessible parking spaces will be closed in Car Park 1, however alternative accessible parking is available on the lower tier, signage will be in place to assist.   

Please follow all signage and move with caution through the area. 

Staff can view a site plan on SharePoint

Further information 
Stu Driscoll
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 522 78827


Anam Cara Construction - Waurn Ponds

Starts 24/02/2021, finishes 31/03/2022

Works have commenced for the construction of Anam Cara Geelong, a new 20-bed hospice facility providing palliative and end-of-life care within the Geelong region. 

Anam Cara Geelong will be located on Nicol Drive South, past Waurn Ponds Estate, just before the Solar Farm. Given its location, construction is not expected to cause disruption to the day-to-day activities on-campus, however if you are in the area, you may notice:

  • Increased construction traffic along Nicol Drive South 
  • A large construction site with temporary fencing, heavy vehicles and machinery 
  • Site sheds, contractor car park and tradespeople in the area
  • Some minor intermittent construction noise.

Every precaution will be taken to minimise impacts from these works, including regular road cleaning. 

Construction is due for completion early-2022. 

Further information 

Patrick Brislane
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5227 2697


Epworth Place Roadway Extension - Waurn Ponds

Starts 22/02/2021, finishes 01/10/2021

Construction works for the Epworth Place Extension are commencing Wednesday 24 February. This project will see Epworth Place being extended approximately 1km to connect with Nexus Rise, between Car Park 20 and Building NR, providing an additional entry point to the Waurn Ponds Campus, mainly servicing traffic to the Future Economy Precinct. 

During these construction works, heavy vehicles will be regularly moving through Car Park 8, adjacent to Building LC. 

Construction will be ongoing until the end of September, until then you will notice:

  • Additional heavy vehicle noise, including some safety beeping 
  • Construction traffic travelling directly next to the building 
  • Some additional dust and dirt/rock on the road.

Although precautionary measures will be implemented to avoid spreading dirt/rock onto the road, including the installation of rumble grids and regular road cleaning, some of this will be unavoidable. Please move with caution when in the area. 

Further information 

Mariska Cornelius
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 5247 9268


All Buildings - Next Generation Security System (NGSS) - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waterfront/Waurn Ponds

Starts 01/09/2020, finishes 31/12/2021

After several years of investigation, preparation and testing, the Next Generation Security System (NGSS) project is now in full swing and will soon be commencing work to replace access card readers across Deakin doors on all our campuses and Learning Centres.  

The NGSS is an important and large-scale body of work that will enhance Deakin's security capabilities on all campuses. The project involves replacing the university's existing security alarm and door access system, as well as our emergency mass communications system. It will introduce contemporary technology that improves back-end administration, streamlines alarm management processes and lays the foundations for future tech improvements.  

Works have started in Waurn Ponds and will continue until the end of 2021. Most of the project happens behind-the-scenes, but you may notice contractors replacing access card readers in your building. There might be some drilling noise while works are underway, but the impacts will be minimised as much as possible. Nobody should lose access to their building space, and once new card readers have been installed on doors your Deakin Card will automatically work. If you have any issues, you can contact  

Further infrormation