The table below shows the current works across all Deakin campuses. Please click on the relevant headline for more information about each project, including contact details of the project manager in case you have any concerns.

For information about major projects, please visit our IPG web page.

Posted Campus Description Start Finish
24/06/2022Waurn PondsIntegrated Water Management - Pond 5 29/06/202228/11/2022
16/06/2022BurwoodBuilding T - Data Science and Visualisation Laboratory18/06/202221/10/2022
08/06/2022BurwoodBuilding M - Chemical Storage Room Renovation14/06/202202/07/2022
31/05/2022Waurn PondsTower Strengthening Works - Axicom Tower31/05/202209/07/2022
27/05/2022WaterfrontT & G Building - Level B1 - Fire compliance works30/05/202202/09/2022
27/05/2022WaterfrontBuilding AD, C and D - Workspace Audits 30/05/202229/07/2022
24/05/2022BurwoodBuilding L Access restrictions16/06/202217/07/2022
16/05/2022BurwoodRoadworks Uganda St Roundabout16/05/202208/07/2022
05/05/2022Waurn PondsPower Disruptions - All Buildings - 25 June, 26 June and 2 July 2022.25/06/202202/07/2022
05/05/2022Waurn PondsPower Disruptions - Saturday 2 July 202202/07/202203/07/2022
02/05/2022Waurn PondsNext Generation Simulator02/05/202231/08/2022
02/05/2022BurwoodExternal - Suburban Rail Loop Site Investigations02/05/202201/06/2022
21/04/2022Waurn PondsBuilding KA - Fire Safety Correction Project29/04/202203/05/2022
12/04/2022Waurn PondsBuilding JB - Thermal comfort improvements12/04/202231/12/2022
01/02/2022Waurn PondsIntegrated Water Management (VHESIF)01/02/202231/12/2022
11/10/2021Waurn PondsManuFutures2 (VHESIF)11/10/202130/06/2022

Integrated Water Management - Pond 5 - Waurn Ponds

Starts 29/06/2022, finishes 28/11/2022

The Integrated Water Management (IWM) Project will be progressing works to Pond 5 (behind Building JB) commencing Wednesday 29 June until late-November. 

These works will involve:

This project will convert the campuses network of ponds into a constructed wetland system and is contributing to creating a Climate Ready Campus. It will reduce the risk of flooding, provide cleaner water flowing into Waurn Ponds Creek and improvements will be made to attract a more diverse wildlife. 

While these works are underway, you may notice some additional noise and minor pedestrian detours, however these works are not expected to be disruptive.  


More information
Ella Cole
Infrastructure and Property
5227 8213

Building T - Data Science and Visualisation Laboratory - Burwood

Starts 18/06/2022, finishes 21/10/2022

As part of the ongoing Innovation in Technology and Science (ITS) project, construction of the Data Science and Visualisation Laboratory will commence on Saturday 18 June, finishing mid-October. 

Building T, Level 1 (T1.11) access will be limited during construction. LES staff wishing to access the shared zone will need to undergo a builder induction and sign in daily using the provided QR code.

You may notice tradespeople working in the area and construction noise during this time.

More information  
Sung Wei Tan
03 9246 8577 

Building M - Chemical Storage Room Renovation - Burwood

Starts 14/06/2022, finishes 02/07/2022

Access restrictions will be in place in Building M from Tuesday 14 June - Saturday 2 July to allow for the rectification and renovation of a dangerous goods/chemical storage space. These works will involve the removal of dangerous goods and minor renovation and compliance works.

The main areas of impact will be the lobby (Level 3) and M3.112, where you may notice contractors working and moving through the building and some intermittent construction noise.

To minimise disruption and ensure works are completed in the inter-trimester break, contractors will be working in AM/PM split shifts.

More information
Arpitha Daniel
61 429 172 354

Tower Strengthening Works - Axicom Tower - Waurn Ponds

Starts 31/05/2022, finishes 09/07/2022

Tower strengthening works are taking place at the Axicom Communication Tower, located at the northern end of campus, behind Building LH. These works commenced late-May and will continue throughout June.

Access for the transport of materials and heavy machinery will be via the road east of Building LC traffic management will be in place to facilitate the smooth coordination of vehicles.

Works will include reinforcing the steelwork and concrete around the base of the tower, as well as pole strengthening steel jackets. Temporary anchor blocks and guide wires will also be installed to maintain the structural integrity of the tower during these upgrades.

More Information
Chris Ratcliffe

T & G Building - Level B1 - Fire compliance works - Waterfront

Starts 30/05/2022, finishes 02/09/2022

Fire compliance infrastructure works will be taking place in T & G Building - Level B1 from Monday 30 May to Friday 2 September. These works are required to ensure the building meets fire compliance standards.

The timeline of works is outlined as below:

You may notice tradespeople working in the area, heavy machinery and construction noise during this time however, the minimal impact works aren't expected to be disruptive.


More information
Anna Leaming
Infrastructure and Property
61 457 467 547

Building AD, C and D - Workspace Audits - Waterfront

Starts 30/05/2022, finishes 29/07/2022

Workspace audits will be taking place in Buildings AD, C and D, commencing next week. These audits will start with Building AD and then will be carried out in a phased approach. Workspace audits provide accurate information regarding the layout, furniture configuration and size of our on-campus spaces and will assist in space allocation following Deakin Reimagined. 

During this time, you may notice external contractors moving through your workspace. They will be in uniform and carrying identification and are not expected to cause disruption. 


More information
Madi Walters
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 524 79573 

Building L Access restrictions - Burwood

Starts 16/06/2022, finishes 17/07/2022

As part of ongoing construction works for the ITS project, boom lifts will be in operation to install mechanical plant equipment on the roof of Building L from Thursday 16 June to Friday 15 July. These will be located in an exclusion zone on the North side of the building. 

The Northwest entrance will be restricted, South and East entrances will have access as normal.

Further to this, there may be some intermittent construction noise, which will occur before 8.30am and afterhours whenever possible.

More Information
Sung Wei Tan
03 9246 8577

Roadworks Uganda St Roundabout - Burwood

Starts 16/05/2022, finishes 08/07/2022


Construction works are planned to renew the Uganda St roundabout to improve traffic flow and drainage system in the area. 

These works are expected to take place from 17 June 2022 to 6 July 2022.

General scope of works:

Any loud construction will be done within the hours of 9am and 4pm.

Two traffic controllers will be on site during the duration of the works to maintain traffic flow. Vehicles will still have normal access (including Cleanaway trucks).

Minor traffic delays can be expected as temporary stoppages or slowdown may be required to enable equipment to move around the area.

More Information
Alex D'Aloia
61 409 730 402


Power Disruptions - All Buildings - 25 June, 26 June and 2 July 2022. - Waurn Ponds

Starts 25/06/2022, finishes 02/07/2022

Power to all buildings at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus will be disrupted on the following dates: 

All DRS and Kitjarra building residents and staff can enter/exit accommodation for essential movement.

These outages are required as part of a High Voltage Compliance project and involve the installation of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters (REFCL), which will protect the reliability of electrical supply and the high voltage assets on campus.


More information 
Patrick Brislane
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 522 72697

Power Disruptions - Saturday 2 July 2022 - Waurn Ponds

Starts 02/07/2022, finishes 03/07/2022

The power to several buildings at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, as listed below, will be disrupted from 8am to 6pm on Saturday 2 July.

This shutdown is to carry out High Voltage annual maintenance.

More information
Shane Emond
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 5227 2062

Next Generation Simulator - Waurn Ponds

Starts 02/05/2022, finishes 31/08/2022


As part of the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF) program of works, construction of the Next Generation Motion Simulator Platform has commenced, with site establishment taking place in May 2022.

The facility will be constructed within the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) building at Waurn Ponds Campus.and will be under construction until approximately August 2022.

Visit the SharePoint Project Page for full details.

Further information

Saumya Brahma
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 522 72262



External - Suburban Rail Loop Site Investigations - Burwood

Starts 02/05/2022, finishes 01/06/2022

Site Investigations taking place outside of the campus will commence early-May for up to four weeks. Site investigation activities will include:

Three nights of works will commence from Monday 9 May between 10pm and 7am along the Burwood Highway. These works will require lane closures in both directions however, Burwood Highway will remain open. 

Access to Holland Ave will be maintained however one of the two right-hand turn (exit) lanes will be closed for a portion of the works.

Pedestrians attempting to access the Northern footpath (along Burwood Highway) can expect diversions due to eastbound lane works. 

Short-term lane closures are also expected on Highbury Road and temporary closures and parking changes may occur on surrounding residential streets (McComas Grove and Sinnott Street)

More information

Sarah Lane
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 924 46923


Building KA - Fire Safety Correction Project - Waurn Ponds

Starts 29/04/2022, finishes 03/05/2022

Installation of fire seals and fire safety plasterboards in Level 5, Building KA at the Waurn Ponds Campus has been postponed until further notice.

More information
Vito Banaag
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 9244 6257

Building JB - Thermal comfort improvements - Waurn Ponds

Starts 12/04/2022, finishes 31/12/2022

Works to improve the thermal comfort in Building JB, Waurn Ponds Campus, are taking place until the end of 2022.

The project includes:

While this project is underway, there may be some service disruptions, these will be communicated separately prior.

Impact Notifications

The heating and cooling to Building JB will not be active from Friday 15 April to Monday 18 April, however air systems will operate as normal.

More information
Pat Brislane
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 522 72697

Integrated Water Management (VHESIF) - Waurn Ponds

Starts 01/02/2022, finishes 31/12/2022

The Integrated Water Management (IWM) Project will address current and future water-related challenges across the Campus establish long term water security maximize waste to resource opportunities reduce the risk of flood damage protect, enhance and restore waterway health protect and enhance the campuses natural green assets.


Find out more about IWM here.

Works will be initially located in the western end of campus, behind Waurn Ponds Estate, and will gradually relocate to the east of campus, near Entry 1. 

While works are underway, you will notice temporary fencing surrounding work zones, heavy machinery and tradespeople. Given the external location and proximity to buildings, these works are not expected to be overly disruptive. 

There may be some access restrictions, including the closure of the walking path west of Nicol Drive North, please follow all directional signage. 

Works are expected to be ongoing until December 2022.

Further information 

Ella Cole
Infrastructure and Property Group
5227 8213


ManuFutures2 (VHESIF) - Waurn Ponds

Starts 11/10/2021, finishes 30/06/2022

As part of the Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund (VHESIF) program of works, construction of ManuFutures2 has commenced, with site establishment taking place on Monday 11 October.

The new building will be located adjacent to current ManuFutures, Building NP and will be under construction until approximately June 2022.

Visit the SharePoint Project Page for full details.

Further information

Saumya Brahma
Infrastructure and Property Group
61 3 522 72262