The table below shows the current works across all Deakin campuses. Please click on the relevant headline for more information about each project, including contact details of the project manager in case you have any concerns.

For information about major projects, please visit our IPG web page.

Posted Campus Description Start Finish
27/01/2023BurwoodBuilding L - Boom Lift Operation30/01/202331/01/2023
25/01/2023WarrnamboolCarpark 2 - Footpath Construction Works30/01/202310/02/2023
25/01/2023BurwoodBuilding H Partial Deck Reconstruction 28/01/202312/02/2023
18/01/2023BurwoodPedestrian Renewal Works Road Maintenance28/01/202329/01/2023
Waurn Ponds
Multiple Buildings Annual Fire System Interface Testing18/01/202317/02/2023
Waurn Ponds
Multiple Buildings - Inclusive Library Spaces16/01/202303/03/2023
11/01/2023BurwoodBuildings B, C, EB, EC, LA, LB, I - Renewal Works16/01/202303/02/2023
20/12/2022Waurn PondsMultiple Buildings - Annual Fire Panel and EWIS Testing05/01/202302/02/2023
Waurn Ponds
All Campuses Window cleaning works16/12/202231/03/2023
06/12/2022WaterfrontBuilding D - Renewal Works12/12/202228/02/2023
30/11/2022BurwoodGreenwood Park, Building GB3 Parking Reduction 01/12/202201/12/2023
15/11/2022WaterfrontBuilding D - Computer Lab Renewal Works21/11/202220/01/2023
09/11/2022WaterfrontMultideck Carpark Construction and Car Park 3 Closure13/11/202231/12/2023
24/10/2022BurwoodBuilding EF - Stair Maintenance26/10/202231/01/2023
21/10/2022WarrnamboolBuilding E - Refurbishment Works31/10/202228/02/2023
01/02/2022Waurn PondsIntegrated Water Management (VHESIF)01/02/202231/12/2022

Building L - Boom Lift Operation - Burwood

Starts 30/01/2023, finishes 31/01/2023

As part of ongoing construction works on the roof of Building L, boom lifts will be in operation via exclusion zones on the North and South sides of the building on Monday 30 January 2023. 

Building L will have access as normal, however please be cautious when moving around exclusion zones.

More Information
Sung Wei Tan
03 9246 8577


Carpark 2 - Footpath Construction Works - Warrnambool

Starts 30/01/2023, finishes 10/02/2023

Footpath construction works are scheduled to commence Monday 30 January and are expected to finish on Friday 10 February 2023. 

Main works will take place in Car Park 2. Road access will remain, however, some parking spaces will be restricted for the duration of construction. 

Signage will be in place and bollards and fencing will cordon off the work zone. 

Expect construction noise and heavy machinery operating in the area. 

More information
Alex D'Aloia
Infrastructure and Property
61 409 730 402

Building H Partial Deck Reconstruction - Burwood

Starts 28/01/2023, finishes 12/02/2023

Partial outdoor deck refurbishment will commence at Building H between Saturday 28 January - Sunday 12 February.

This refurbishment will consist of the deconstruction of a section of the current deck outside Building H, with reconstruction works to commence Saturday 4 February 2023.

You will see contractors moving through the site, however, these works are not expected to be overly disruptive.

Access to this area will be cordoned off for the duration of the works and signage will be in place to assist with wayfinding. 

More information
Sam Davies
Infrastructure and Property
61 392 468 949


Pedestrian Renewal Works Road Maintenance - Burwood

Starts 28/01/2023, finishes 29/01/2023

As part of ongoing pedestrian safety works, line marking and pedestrian crossing maintenance is scheduled to take place on the corner of Holland Ave and Building U on Saturday 28 January 2023.

Access to Car Park 1 from/to Holland Ave will be restricted for the duration of the works. Those who wish to park in Car Park 1 are advised to access via Entrance 2.

Signage and traffic management will be in place to assist with wayfinding.

More information
Yana Shestakova
Infrastructure and Property
61 439 785 936

Multiple Buildings Annual Fire System Interface Testing - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waterfront/Waurn Ponds

Starts 18/01/2023, finishes 17/02/2023

Annual Fire Systems Interface testing is scheduled for multiple buildings at the Waurn Ponds, Waterfront, Warrnambool and Burwood Campuses during January and February 2023. 

These tests involve the activation of smoke detectors or sprinkler alarms and verifying that the alarm activates the appropriate mechanical systems such as smoke exhaust fans, stair pressurisation, smoke dampers, door releases, etc.

Testing dates:

Waurn Ponds Campus

Waterfront Campus

Warrnambool Campus

Burwood Campus

An announcement will be placed over the speaker system prior to testing taking place.

More information
Peter Main
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 556 3391 


Multiple Buildings - Inclusive Library Spaces - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waterfront/Waurn Ponds

Starts 16/01/2023, finishes 03/03/2023

Construction works are scheduled to commence from Monday 16 January 2023 to Friday 3 March 2023 as part of Deakin's commitment to Inclusive Library Spaces across the University. 

These works will consist of the implementation of sensory rooms, which will allow students and staff a therapeutic space specifically designed and utilised to promote self-regulation.

The following spaces have been designated for Sensory room construction:

Burwood Library - V.145 (Construction to commence Monday 16 January)

Waurn Ponds Library - JC2.310 (Construction to commence Tuesday 17 January)

Waterfront Library - D3.122 (Construction to commence Tuesday 17 January)

Warrnambool Library - B2.44 (Construction to commence Monday 30 January)

Works will include acoustic treatment to existing walls and fixtures, adjustable lighting, glazed doors and windows, addition of appropriate furniture and sensory objects. 

Power will be isolated to the above rooms for the duration of the construction period, bollards, bunting and signage will be in place to assist with wayfinding. 

More information
Yajing Xiao
Infrastructure and Property
61 352 273 178


Buildings B, C, EB, EC, LA, LB, I - Renewal Works - Burwood

Starts 16/01/2023, finishes 03/02/2023

Renewal works are scheduled to take place in several buildings across the Burwood campus commencing Monday 16 January until Friday 3 February.

The following buildings will incur disruptive works:

Further to the above, several non-disruptive works will occur in Buildings B, C, EB, EC, C, LA/LB and I these works will consist of minor replacement works and will have minimal impact on staff working in these spaces.

Some amenities in Building EB, EC and I may be closed temporarily, signage will be in place and occupants are requested to use alternative facilities in the meantime. 

More information
Vito Filip Banaag
Infrastructure and Property
61 438 844 943 


Multiple Buildings - Annual Fire Panel and EWIS Testing - Waurn Ponds

Starts 05/01/2023, finishes 02/02/2023

Annual Fire Panel and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) testing is scheduled for multiple buildings at the Waurn Ponds Campus during January and February 2023.

This testing will occur during the day and involve checking fire detection sensors and manually setting off alarms. 

Testing dates:

An announcement will be placed over the speaker system prior to testing taking place.

More information
Mike Finnigan
Infrastructure and Property



All Campuses Window cleaning works - Burwood/Warrnambool/Waterfront/Waurn Ponds

Starts 16/12/2022, finishes 31/03/2023

Window cleaning works are scheduled to take place across all campuses on the following dates:

The above schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions.

The majority of external windows will be cleaned, as well as adjacent internal windows Safety working standards and access issues may prevent some windows from being serviced.

In preparation for these works, staff are requested to make sure the windowsills and surrounding area in your workspace are kept clear so that cleaners can access the space.

The contractor has been fully inducted prior to conducting works, however if any staff have security or confidentiality concerns, please advise campus operations so alternative arrangements can be made.

More information
Campus Operations
0409 560 757

Building D - Renewal Works - Waterfront

Starts 12/12/2022, finishes 28/02/2023

Renewal works will be taking place in Building D, across several locations at the Waterfront Campus from Monday 12 December 2022 to Tuesday 14 February 2023. 

As part of this program of works, substantial construction activity will be underway in the space at the top of the stairwell above The Common (D2.200, Level 2, Building D) from Monday 12 December to late January 2023. These works will include:  

To enable these works, contractors will be:  

Highly disruptive activity will be taking place after hours to minimise disruption to staff and students.  

Following the completion of the Level 2 floor and lighting works, contractors will be working in D4.319, Level 4, Building D to conduct similar works until mid-February.

Given the location of this space, we are not anticipating this portion of works to be as impactful, however, contractors will be temporarily relocating furniture to adjacent rooms, with their path of movement to be through the adjacent public/circulation spaces. 

Please follow all directional and safety signage and move with caution if you are in the area. 

More information 
Alex D'Aloia
Infrastructure and Property
61 409 730 402 

Greenwood Park, Building GB3 Parking Reduction - Burwood

Starts 01/12/2022, finishes 01/12/2023

Due to the GB1 lease ending, the number of parking spaces assigned for Deakin staff/students and visitors within the Greenwood Park precinct has been reduced.  

The following car parks are not available for Deakin general permit and Cellopark app users from Thursday 1 December 2022: 

Flexicar spaces and Deakin permanent spaces in Car Park 20 and Car Park 21 lower deck (undercover) are still available. There will be no changes for GB Level B1 undercover car park users.  

More information 
Yana Shestakova
Infrastructure and Property
61 439 785 936 

Building D - Computer Lab Renewal Works - Waterfront

Starts 21/11/2022, finishes 20/01/2023

Computer Lab D1.108 will be unavailable from Monday 21 November to Friday 20 January as part of renewal works. This will consist of a refresh of the current space, including new benchtops and lighting fixtures.

The D2.102 Computer Lab has been made available as an alternative space for student use while works are underway.

More information
Liz Madden
61 438 775 763 


Multideck Carpark Construction and Car Park 3 Closure - Waterfront

Starts 13/11/2022, finishes 31/12/2023

Car Park 3, next to Geelong Waterfront Student Accommodation, will be permanently closed from Monday 14 November to allow for the commencement of construction of the Multideck Carpark. 

Please ensure all vehicles are removed from Car Park 3 by the evening of Sunday 13 November.

The Multideck Carpark is being built in preparation for the future development of the Geelong Convention and Exhibition Centre which will be located on the land where Car Park 2 currently sits. 

The Multideck Carpark will replace Car Park 2 and 3 and will provide students and staff with:

Construction is scheduled to commence in November 2022, with completion expected by the end of 2023.

With the temporary reduction of parking availability at the Waterfront Campus while construction is underway, staff and students should consider alternative transport, discover your options here.

More information
Saumya Brahma
Infrastructure and Property
61 3 5227 2262

Building EF - Stair Maintenance - Burwood

Starts 26/10/2022, finishes 31/01/2023

Repair works will be taking place on the external stairs on the eastern side of Building EF, commencing late-October, due to be completed in mid-January 2023. 

These works will include the demolition and reconstruction of the external stairwell. 

Concrete demolition works will be conducted on Friday 28 October, Wednesday 2 November and Friday 4 November. These demolition works are likely to create noise and vibration transfer to Building EF and minor noise disruptions to adjacent Buildings EC and EB. 

In an effort to minimise impacts on staff and students, potentially disruptive works are only being scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends.

More information
Vito Filip Banaag
61 438 844 943

Building E - Refurbishment Works - Warrnambool

Starts 31/10/2022, finishes 28/02/2023

Refurbishment works will commence in Building E in early-November 2022, with completion expected by February 2023. 

The refurbishment will consist of various light demolition and construction activities throughout the entire building, including joinery replacements, flooring upgrades, painting and plumbing improvements. Contractors will be on-site, and heavy machinery will be in use. 

The majority of noisy work will be internal however, you can expect some external works during the initial site set-up in early-November, as well as tradespeople entering/exiting the building. 

Building E will be a closed site, with regulated access. Limited access will remain to some spaces and staff using these areas will need to complete a contractor induction prior to entering.

Signage will be in place to assist with wayfinding. 

More information
Yajing Xiao
Infrastructure and Property
5227 8584 

Integrated Water Management (VHESIF) - Waurn Ponds

Starts 01/02/2022, finishes 31/12/2022

The Integrated Water Management (IWM) Project will address current and future water-related challenges across the Campus establish long term water security maximize waste to resource opportunities reduce the risk of flood damage protect, enhance and restore waterway health protect and enhance the campuses natural green assets.


Find out more about IWM here.

Works will be initially located in the western end of campus, behind Waurn Ponds Estate, and will gradually relocate to the east of campus, near Entry 1. 

While works are underway, you will notice temporary fencing surrounding work zones, heavy machinery and tradespeople. Given the external location and proximity to buildings, these works are not expected to be overly disruptive. 

There may be some access restrictions, including the closure of the walking path west of Nicol Drive North, please follow all directional signage. 

Works are expected to be ongoing until December 2022.

Further information 

Ella Cole
Infrastructure and Property Group
5227 8213