Reports on the Student Evaluation of Units and Teachers

The online student evaluations system has a number of reports accessible to staff and/or students and the public. Most reports present the evaluations quantitative outcomes in summary form, on unit outcomes. Reports containing comments on units or teachers have the comments reported verbatim. These comments reports, along with teacher outcomes are only available to the relevant teaching staff, unit chairs and senior Faculty staff.

All students and staff at Deakin were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Deakin is a leader in digital delivery, even so, the rapid shift of all learning, teaching and assessment online, with some activities deferred, was a huge change for the whole Deakin community. eVALUate results should be read in this context.
Thank you to our students for their engagement and constructive feedback during this time of disruption.
Thank you to our staff for their hard work, creativity and dedication.

eVALUate Reports

The eVALUate instrument was introduced from Trimester 2, 2014.

Unit Summary Reports

Unit and Teacher Reports: Staff Only

Course Aggregate Report

Course Unit Report: Staff Only