Bachelor of Communication

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MN-A318003 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne), Online


Tell stories that matter and build a portfolio of work to launch your future in the fast-evolving news media industries. Taking a hands-on approach, you’ll have opportunities to unearth stories, source interviews, and write and produce news packages that engage, entertain and inspire audiences on print, online, video and audio platforms. Make your voice heard on Deakin’s journalism publication, DScribe, and kickstart your career with a sought-after internship with one of our industry partners.

With access to our specialist newsroom and industry-standard equipment on campus or specialising as a mobile journalist from anywhere in the world, you’ll produce news, current affairs and feature packages with impact. You’ll grow your entrepreneurial mindset, from pitching story ideas to promoting the finished product on social media. You’ll be ready for a broad range of careers, from newsrooms, to organisations connecting with customers through story, to an entrepreneurial change maker.


To complete a Minor sequence in Journalism complete the four (4) units as specified below

ALJ111Introduction to Journalism

ALJ218Podcasting and Audio Journalism

ALJ222From the Fourth Estate to Fake News

ALJ330News Production Workshop 1

Note: Incompatible with the Journalism major sequence

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