Bachelor of Communication

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Digital and Social Media

Unit set code

MJ-A318002 (major)


Burwood (Melbourne), Online


Do you get a kick from influencing the crowds and setting industry trends? If so, Deakin's Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Digital and Social Media is for you.

You'll build practical skills by creating a portfolio filled with podcasts, videos, infographics and more. Building your entrepreneurial mindset - and your personal brand - from day one. By developing your expertise and confidence in problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration - while building a deep understanding of data and analytics - you'll create compelling content that drives results. You'll get access to virtual and augmented realities along with artificial intelligence and gamification.

Be exposed to opportunities to connect to industry through industry events, internships and networking with online communities and professionals.

Career outcomes

Digital and social media work spans a diverse range of industries and organisations, from multimedia business to content creation in health organisations, museums, sporting clubs and the broader entertainment industries. Deakin graduates work in the following roles:

  • Social media manager
  • Content creator
  • Digital producer
  • Brand manager
  • Media advisor
  • Community engagement officer
  • Social media marketing analyst
  • Various social media specialist freelance work.


To complete a Major sequence in Digital and Social Media complete the eight (8) units as specified below

ALM101Making Social Media

ALM102Making Video

ALM201Gamified Media

ALM202Quantified Media

ALM215Global Media

ALM216Social Media Strategy

ALM302Digital Media Entrepreneurship

ALM305Media Ecologies

Note: Incompatible with the Digital Media and Social Media minor sequences

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