Bachelor of Creative Arts

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Visual Arts

Unit set code

MJ-A317005 (major)


The Visual Arts major combines in-depth disciplinary training in drawing, painting, 3D construction, fabrication, and digital technologies alongside a sequence of open-ended studio-based studies encouraging cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking. Gain both the practical studio skills and adaptable critical thinking skills necessary to participate successfully in the art world and creative industries.

Theoretical elements of the course are highly integrated with studio practice and designed to develop transferable skills alongside the necessary specialist knowledge required to participate critically in your chosen fields.

There is emphasis on exhibition making as an integral aspect of professional studio practice and our various studio and gallery spaces are designed to support a dynamic culture of studio production and development, collaboration, experimentation, exhibition and critique.

Career outcomes

From specialised studio practice and interdisciplinary learning to leading theory and critical thinking, you will develop the skills to be an adaptable, articulate and creative practitioner.

Draw inspiration from and gain expertise in:

  • digital technologies
  • traditional techniques
  • interdisciplinary practices
  • studio practice.


To complete a Major sequence in Visual Arts complete the eight (8) units as specified below

ACV101Painting in the Visual Arts

ACV115Drawing and the Body in Visual Arts

ACV206Abstraction in the Visual Arts

ACV210Art in Public Space

ACV212Digital Practices and the Visual Arts

ACV213Modelling and the Visual Arts

ACV307Practice-Led Research in the Visual Arts

ACV312Visual Arts Major Project

Note: Incompatible with the 2D Practices in the Visual Arts minor sequence and 3D Practices in the Visual Arts minor sequence

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