This is not working, I can’t feel anything

 It takes time, patience and commitment to settle into a meditation practice and start feeling some changes. You may feel like nothing is happening during those initial days, but subtle changes are taking place. Over time it will become more evident.

And also, remember that the mindfulness is not about achieving any particular ‘state’. It is about becoming more present and self-aware. 

Seek other help

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List of guided meditations

During the course of this program experiment with different types of meditations and think of what would help you create a regular meditation practice and what gets in the way.

Here is a list of guided meditations you may download and listen to as often as you wish. These meditations were recorded by Dr Richard Chambers, a clinical psychologist and mindfulness consultant.    

The body scan (5 min)

The body and breath meditation (5 min)

Working mindfully with emotions (10 min)

The body-breath-sound meditation (10 min)

The body-breath-sound-thought meditation (10 min)

Tuning into your suroundings (10 min)

The 1 minute practice