What if I miss a meditation session during the program?

 A regular and frequent practice is a good way to create a habit of meditation. If you happen to miss a session, don’t get upset or give up. Just accept that it didn’t happen and keep to your routine as best as you can. Try to learn from your experiences – what helps you establish a routine and what gets in the way?

Seek other help

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List of guided meditations

During the course of this program experiment with different types of meditations and think of what would help you create a regular meditation practice and what gets in the way.

Here is a list of guided meditations you may download and listen to as often as you wish. These meditations were recorded by Dr Richard Chambers, a clinical psychologist and mindfulness consultant.    

The body scan (5 min)

The body and breath meditation (5 min)

Working mindfully with emotions (10 min)

The body-breath-sound meditation (10 min)

The body-breath-sound-thought meditation (10 min)

Tuning into your suroundings (10 min)

The 1 minute practice