Deakin networks and support

As a Deakin student there is more available to you than classes and seminars. There are many services and resources available to help you succeed both with your studies and when you graduate. Help is available to get you ready to graduate and enter the workforce as a Deakin Alumnus. Making use of the unique support available to you can put you ahead of other candidates in the job market.

Making use of Deakin careers assistance

You may have just started your university journey but it’s not too early to start thinking about what you need to get a competitive edge for the workplace. You will need to apply for jobs and enter the recruitment process and depending on the types of jobs you apply for, the process will differ. Some might involve assessment centres, psychometric testing or even video interviews. One thing’s for sure, you need a well written resume, it needs to be kept up to date as you add skills and qualifications and you must know how to write a strong application. You can access support to develop those skills through Deakin University.

DeakinTALENT help you develop the skills you need to find the job that’s right for you. Through their website you can:

Book an appointment with a Career Coach.

Submit a resume for review.

Register to attend a Career Success Workshop.

Search for jobs and internships.

Access resources on resumes, interview techniques and much more, via the Resources tab on the DeakinTalent site. (Current students & Alumni).

Deakin alumni

Graduating from university does not end your affiliation with Deakin! While you’ll always be a Deakin alumnus after you graduate, you can enjoy the full benefits by joining the Deakin University Alumni Community. Students are eligible to join once they have completed their course at Deakin University. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and join after your course ends!

Below are some of the benefits of becoming an alumni member:

You can join the Library and have access to selected resources.

Network with fellow Deakin alumni who may be able to connect you with industry contacts.

Be alerted about events for alumni.

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