What is a professional association?

Professional associations are groups where people involved in a specific industry can network and share knowledge. They also help to maintain standards and act as an advocate for that industry. Most industries will have professional associations. Some will be open to anyone to join whereas others might only be open to companies or organisations. Either way, they often have useful resources on their websites and are worth following.

Benefits and services differ between associations, but some common features include:

Accreditation as a professional in your industry.

Access to job listings.

Access to professional development, conferences and training opportunities.

Access to industry news and/or mailing lists.


Sometimes discounted or free memberships are available for students, so see if you can join up while you’re still studying.

Have a look at some of the associations available for different industry sectors you are interested in.

3.4.1 Activity - Professional Associations

Choose a professional association that aligns with your career aspirations. Have a look at what they offer and then answer the questions below.

Professional Associations

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