What is your professional identity? 

Your professional identity guides how your colleagues, employers and clients will perceive you at work. It can affect your job opportunities and success in your role.

Think of it as a brand for yourself. Your professional identity may include elements such as your knowledge of the industry, your personal values, your work ethic, your skillset and how you present yourself.

The importance of professional identity in the workplace

Employers want people who are professionals. While they understand new graduates may have limited work experience, displaying yourself in a professional manner is an expectation. The job market is highly competitive, and having a strong and visible professional identity may put you ahead of other candidates.

How can you build up your professional identity?

Make sure your contact information is professional – including your email address and voicemail message. No email addresses like cheekyangel@email.com!

Keep up to date with what is happening in the industry you want to work in.

Join relevant professional associations and industry networks.

Build a positive online presence.

3.2.1 Activity - What does your current online identity look like?

Think about your current identity as a student and answer the questions below.

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