Introduction to Professional Identity

Welcome to the Introduction to Professional Identity

Throughout your degree you will use your Digital Literacy Skills to search for information and data to use and share in your work. Digital literacy skills extend beyond university and are a life skill. In this module we will look at creating and maintaining your Professional Identity and how this differs from your online persona or digital identity.

What is Professional Identity?

Your professional identity is like your personal brand. It guides how you will be perceived by others in your chosen industry by colleagues, employers and clients. You need to manage this well to ensure others see your values, work ethics and skill sets at their best!

The world is becoming increasingly digital and technology enables us to share information instantly with a click of a button. With this ease of sharing, you need to be mindful of what you share, who can see it and what impact this may have.

Before you begin on your professional identity, have a look at the following short video about digital identity as a whole.

Source: What is a digital identity? 2015, YouTube, Teaching & Learning Innovations CSUCI, Jun 25, 2015, retrieved 9 February 2018, <>

Learning Objectives

Once you’ve completed this, you should be able to:


The Introduction to Professional Identity module is divided into three major sections; two self-assessment surveys and the Digital Literacy Module itself - Introduction to Professional Identity.

When you begin the only section you will be able to see and access is 2. Introduction to Professional Identity - Pre self-assessment. Each section has a restriction applied and as you successfully complete each step the next one will be unlocked.

Section 3. Introduction to Professional Identity, has activities for you to complete as you go along. You must complete all the activities to release each sub-section. You can monitor your progress using the Progress chart, which can be accessed via the tile on the home page or under the table of contents. At the end you will be able to download a checklist and an accessible PDF of the section's content, which you can save for future reference.

You must successfully complete each section (1-4), in order to complete the module.

NB. You do not need to complete the entire module in one sitting. You can leave and come back, it will remember where you left off.

Order of Completion

The Introduction to Professional Identity must be completed in order. Only once all have been completed will the dropbox in your main unit site open allowing you to submit your assignment.

  1. Read 1. Introduction and instructions
  2. Complete 2. Introduction to Professional Identity - Pre self-assessment – This unlocks 3. Introduction to Professional Identity Module.
  3. Complete 3. Introduction to Professional Identity. Each subsection here will open in turn as you complete the embedded activities. This unlocks 4. Introduction to Professional Identity Post self-assessment survey.
  4. Complete 4. Introduction to Professional Identity- Post self-assessment - This unlocks your certificate of achievement (available under the awards tab) and the dropbox for your assignment will become visible in your main unit site.

NB. Successful completions are pushed through to the main unit sites on an hourly basis. Please allow up to an hour to see your dropbox in your main unit site.

Get Started

Head through to get started on the first section - 2. Introduction to Professional Identity - Pre self-assessment

Email us at for help, or post your questions in the dedicated Introduction to Professional Identity discussion thread. We will respond within 2 business days. 


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