Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation

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Producing Screen Content

Unit set code

MN-A351002 (minor)


The Producing Screen Content minor introduces you to integral skills and contexts for producing film, television and animation works. You will explore elements of screen language through foundational camera and editing techniques, as well as gaining developing a deeper understanding of the role of the producer in the screen industry. This knowledge is enhanced and supported with units focused on screen culture such as film festivals and celebrity industries for a well-rounded understanding of production, distribution and exhibition.


To complete a Minor sequence in Producing Screen Content complete the four (4) units as specified below

Complete the following unit from level 1:

ACF103Writing with the Camera

Complete the following 2 units from level 2:

ACF206Contemporary Topics in Screen Cultures

ACF211Screen Careers

Complete the following unit from level 3:

ACF304Celebrity Industries

Note: Incompatible with the Producing Screen Content major sequence

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