Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation

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Details of major sequences


Unit set code

MJ-A351001 (major)


Animation is about imbuing characters and other forms with movement, life and story. Animation is also a very effective way to communicate diverse information and ideas in creative and dynamic ways. The animation major at Deakin provides you with an understanding of the history, theory and practice to creatively and intelligently bring your designs to life. It encompasses many forms of animation ranging from stop motion to 2D and 3D animation; and in a wide range of contexts spanning short films and micro content to 3D virtual worlds in game spaces and virtual production.

Career outcomes

A wide range of opportunities exist within the animation, games, communications, film and visual effects industries including but not limited to:

  • animation and animation design
  • pre-production and design development
  • story development
  • visual effects
  • games design and production
  • virtual production
  • visual communication and advertising
  • motion graphics
  • VR and AR production
  • post-production
  • science and medical visualisation
  • corporate and digital media industries
  • education and eLearning


To complete a Major sequence in Animation complete the eight (8) units as specified below

Complete the following 2 units from level 1:

ADA102Designing 3D Animated Environments

ADA107Principles of Animation

Complete the following 4 units from level 2:

ADA201Character Design and Development for Animation

ADA202Character Animation

ADA204Animated Motion Graphics

ADA206Visual Effects and Effects Animation

Complete the following 2 units from level 3:

ADA301Interactive Animation Design Studio

ADA302Animation Project

Note: Incompatible with the Visual Effects and Virtual Production minor sequence

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