Bachelor of Creative Arts

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Unit Set Code

MN-A317014 (minor)


The Theatre minor helps you build physical, creative and intellectual capacities through practice-based learning and collaborative performance creation. You will develop your creative voice and the technical skills required to create new stories, to relate to others, to problem solve, and communicate ideas confidently through speech and other physical and visual modes of expression. In the studio setting, you will explore a combination of acting, improvisation and devising theory and practice along with different performance styles and processes, theatre history, text studies and digital theatre crafts. You will have the opportunity to work on individual and group creative projects where you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of ensemble creation and production management.


To complete a Minor sequence in Theatre complete the four (4) units as specified below

ACP109Improvisation for Theatre

ACP207 Director's Workshop

ACP214Directed Production

ACP324Ensemble Devising (A)

Note: Incompatible with the Drama major sequence

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